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Friday, February 12, 2010

Suboxone and Methadone Are Harder to Quit Than Heroin

In my 17 years of pain management medical practice, patients have told me countless times that when they tried to quit or wean themselves off Methadone, they have found the withdrawal to be horrible, making it harder to quit Methadone than to quit Heroin. Later on when Suboxone and Subutex came onto the market, I began to hear many patients complaining that they found it harder to wean down on or quit Suboxone or Subutex than to quit Heroin, cold-turkey style.

How can this be? Weren't Suboxone, Subutex and Methadone invented to help people quit opiatea addiction? How come people stay on these for so many years?

The answer lies in the fact that these drugs have much longer half-lives than common opiates. Half life is the time the human body takes to eliminate half of the amount of a particular foreign substance in the body. There is a half life for alcohol in the human body. There is a half life for intravenously injected Heroin, about 4 hours. That means, every 4 hours, the total amount of heroin in the body of a person who had been injected with heroin would decrease by half. Usually it takes up to 7 half lives for the substance to practically disappear.

Suboxone has a half life as long as 3 days. Methadone has a half life as long as 7 days. It is these long half lives that make these drugs difficult to quit. They hide in the fatty tissue in the human body and accumulate over time. They accumulate far more than other opiate drugs do. While a heroin addict might suffer 8 days of physical withdrawal while quitting cold-turkey style, a Suboxone user would suffer up to 3 weeks of physical withdrawal, and a Methadone user would suffer up to 2 months of physical withdrawal. No wonder many patients found these drugs that were supposed to help them rid addiction have become more powerful and addictive drugs instead.

Rapid detox can help people who are addicted to Methadone, Suboxone and Subutex. Call us at 800-276-7021 if you have found it harder to quit these drugs than the original opiate drugs you were addicted to.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

East Coast Patient's Testimonail

New testimonial from a young man, M.Z., on the East Coast who holds a high-level professional job...

I have my new life to thank to Dr. Yee and his staff at Desert Spring Hospital.  They were extremely professional and gave me my life back.  I met with Dr. Yee three weeks before the procedure and he was very thorough going through my history and answered all the questions I had.  Even after my consult he was available 24/7 for my questions and concerns.  It has been over 4 months now and he is still available if I have any questions.  His knowledge on the subject matter really made me choose him and his staff.  If anyone feels like there is no way out I extremely suggest you call him.  Unlike all the other treatment programs he actually answers the phone himself so you are not talking to a secretary, instead a licensed doctor with the correct knowledge to answer the questions.

Thanks again Dr. Yee

(You can email question to

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feedback from a female patient detoxed recently

Testimonial January 2010

If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice.  I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons.  I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that); having had surgeries and really any and all excuses to take RX drugs for most of my adult life.  Of course, I have also had a multitude of detox experiences as well.  Did you get as scared as I did when you read….don’t do rapid detox…it’s a nightmare…NOT with Dr. Yee!!!

Seven years ago I went to the Waismann institute; my first and only other supposed “rapid detox” no withdrawal, experience.  I arrived to get hooked up to a mobile morphine unit; was taken to a gym for physical testing; then the next morning I was taken up to a surgery type of center on a hospital cart for my “rapid detox” which lasted 1 ½ to 2 hours.  I woke up in a fog; I had IV’s connected to my arms; a diaper with a severe case of the runs; I was literally “out of it”.  To get off of this negative experience; I’ll end it by saying my human dignity was compromised; and my friend saw my condition; took me to her home outside of LA to help me convalesce after the “kind of” detox from Waismann.

I also tried Subutex twice; you see, I really wanted off of the pills…but didn’t want to withdraw.  Sound familiar?  The first Subutex/Suboxone (don’t remember) was in a 4 day “mental hospital” that my insurance covered; it was “literally crazy”.  When I weaned off of the Subutex I ended up in a treatment center because I became emotionally unstable.  Subutex 2nd round was a place out of LA (found on the internet); they weaned me off of the Subutex as well; when I got down to ½ of a pill; I freaked out again…back to treatment center for R&R.

It is now time to end my RX Opiate Journey. My grandson picked up a 5mg oxycodone and handed it to my significant other.  Luckily, he didn’t swallow it.  That was the end for me!   I found Dr. Yee on the internet, and like you, I was skeptical.  I thought, oh no…he’s going to take my $, put me to sleep and I’ll still be addicted.  I called Bill on the other testimonial; he was great!  I said, do you work for Dr. Yee…is this a “set up internet scam”?  I had to “trust” (hard for a lying addict).

I checked all of Dr. Yee’s credentials, asked him many personal and probably offensive questions; he was so kind and compassionate.  I found him to be totally non-judgmental, explaining things to me in his calm manner.  He also made sure that my dignity stayed in tact through out the whole procedure.

They picked me up in a limo; took me to a nice room where I would go after my detox 8-9 hour treatment.  Dr. Yee picked me up and brought me to the clinic and explained the procedure from beginning to end.  He set me up with Danny and Cathy (a woman for me, how sweet); so she could help me take a shower at the room after the procedure.

Honestly, I felt no withdrawal after the procedure.  It is now day 17 and I’ve been able to work again with a very clear head; I have no regrets and have much gratitude to Dr. Yee and his staff for getting me off of the opiates without withdrawls. .

There is a lot more I can say, but you’ll get bored….I would be more than happy to speak with you about Dr.Yee and his process;  his compassionate and how this was a true gift for me.  I am very grateful.

You can email me at  and I’ll get back with you with any questions you might have.

It’s hard to trust; but believe in the possible.  I did and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

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