Vicodin Addiction

A Vicodin addiction is serious, and since Vicodin is administered to control chronic pain, forming a Vicodin addiction is not difficult. However, Rapid Detox Las Vegas is committed to helping those with addictions to Vicodin, morphine, Tylenol 3 and Tylenol 4, as well as Demerol, Norco, among others to overcome the addiction. Those suffering with Vicodin addiction may wonder what makes the Rapid Detox Las Vegas unique to other detox clinics, and the answer is that the Rapid Detox Las Vegas is the only center of its kind that offers detox while under anesthesia, and patients will be able to sleep for eight hours while undergoing advanced detox. This unique and successful form of rapid detox will be professionally administered by an experienced and expert anesthesiologist who is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Those who are battling with a Vicodin addiction will receive the assurance that after eight hours of anesthetized induced sleep, they will wake up to find that the withdrawal symptoms and other symptoms of detox have been eliminated. Unlike quitting "cold turkey" this professional and successful detox will provide continuous patient care and the eight hour sleep will in fact, be equivalent to an eight day sleep and the Vicodin addiction will be beat.

The detox for Vicodin addiction will take place in a hospital setting, which has all the necessary intensive care equipment and anesthesia equipment that will be used to monitor the brain, as well as all other vital organs. Due to the fact that Rapid Detox Las Vegas is committed to offering the highest levels of patient care, the patient's safety is our utmost concern and as such, detox is carried out using the very latest in monitoring equipment. Dr. Yee is the founder of Rapid Detox Las Vegas and his training in the field of anesthesia care and pain management allowed him to realized that there were thousands of cases of Vicodin addiction, and these individuals' needed fast and effective help and treatment programs. As such, the Rapid Detox Las Vegas was born and the team of dedicated caregivers and medical staff that has helped thousands to fight the Vicodin addiction, in the easiest possible way.

In order to learn more about the services which are offered by the Rapid Detox Las Vegas and the cost to fight a Vicodin addiction, our website at contains all the necessary information. Our fee of $12,000 to fight Vicodin addiction will cover hotel stays, the detox treatment and the hospital stay, as well as the anesthesiologist fee and nursing fees and considering the negative affects that the Vicodin addiction is having on your personal and private life, the $12,000 is not a large price to pay. However, allow Dr. Yee and the staff of the Rapid Detox Las Vegas to assist you in fighting the Vicodin addiction, and embark on the road to recovery. Our website lists all the detox programs which are available at the Rapid Detox Las Vegas.