Oxycontin Addiction

Rapid Detox Las Vegas is able to offer assistance to those who are battling with Oxycontin addiction and since we are one of the only facilities in the country that offers detox under anesthesia, the regular "cold turkey" detox symptoms will not be experienced. In addition to aiding those in overcoming their Oxycontin addiction, we have helped thousands who are addicted to Morphine, Suboxone, Vicodin and Tramadol, among others. The fee for the Oxycontin addiction treatment is $12,000 and this will cover a hotel stay, as well as the complete rapid detox treatment, including the fee for the anesthesiologist. During the rapid detox treatment, the patient's safety as well as their comfort is top priority and as such, the Oxycontin addiction treatment will be done in a fully-equipped Las Vegas hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Yee who is a board certified MD and an expert anesthesiologist. Thousands of patients around the country rely on Rapid Detox Las Vegas to offer assistance with addiction, and due to the fact we are the only facility which is able to offer detox while under anesthetic, the treatment is a success and patients simply sleep for eight hours while undergoing detox.

There are many people around the country who are battling with an Oxycontin addiction, and since Oxycontin is prescribed for pain management, in many cases, the addiction is accidental. However, regardless of the reasons for the Oxycontin addiction, the Rapid Detox Las Vegas is the first step to recovery and under the guidance of Dr. Yee, patients will receive the care they need and during the entire detox program, the patient's vital signs will be continually monitored by trained nursing staff. Oxycontin is surrounded by controversy and research has shown that users of the Oxycontin often form an addiction to the medication and there are many lawsuits pending against the manufacturers of Oxycontin. However, for those who wish to find out more about the methods used to treat an Oxycontin addiction, feel free to explore our website at http://www.rapiddetoxlasvegas.com and learn about the success that our unique detox treatment has had.

Once the treatment is over, patients will wake up after their eight hour sleep feeling many of the physical withdrawal and addiction symptoms gone and our Oxycontin addiction treatment is equivalent to that of an eight-day detox program; however, it is free from the suffering usually experienced during such a lengthy program. The hospital room used for the detox program is equipped with advanced intensive care and anesthesia equipment and this will continually monitor the patient's brain and vital organs during the program. Rapid Detox Las Vegas is determined to assist those who are fighting an Oxycontin addiction to overcome the addiction and enjoy the road to recovery-without the "cold turkey" symptoms experienced during regular detox programs. Find out more about our programs via our website and learn more about Dr. Yee and his experience as an anesthesiologist and how his training and experience have assisted hundreds of individuals to fight their addiction.