Rapid Opiate Detox

An addiction to opiate consists of at least three aspects, which include the physical addiction, the psychological addiction and the social influence and when Rapid Detox Las Vegas is used as a detox facility, each of these aspects will be treated and more importantly, the rapid opiate detox will be a success and the comfort and safety of the patient will be a continual priority. In a medical context, opiate describes any type of drug which contains opium derived either from the poppy plant or synthetic type of opium. The rapid opiate detox treatments which are offered via our facility include treatment for addictions to heroin, Tramadol, Vicodin, Darvon, Codeine, as well as various other opiate drugs or pain medications. Since opiate drugs are used traditionally for the management of chronic pain, usually an addiction to the drugs is formed accidentally; however, dependence on these drugs has devastating consequences and as such, the rapid opiate detox offered by the Rapid Detox Las Vas is one of the best steps to recovery and a life which is free from addiction.

Due to the fact that Rapid Detox Las Vegas is one of the few facilities anywhere in the country that is able to offer rapid opiate detox under anesthesia, the common "cold turkey" detox symptoms usually suffered will not be experienced, and once the treatment is complete, patients will wake up after an eight hour sleep, freed from most of the physical withdrawal and addiction symptoms usually experienced during a detox. The rapid opiate detox is equivalent to an intensive eight-day detox program, but it is without the effects experienced during other lengthy detox type programs. Thousands of patients all over the country put their faith in Rapid Detox Las Vegas to offer help with fighting an opiate addiction, and in light of the fact that we are the one of the only faculties of its kind in the country that offers rapid opiate detox under anesthetic, our detox treatment has been provided success for many patients. Rapid Detox Las Vegas is determined to offer the assistance needed to those seeking to conquer the battle over addiction and take the first steps to recovery. Our unique and safe rapid opiate detox program is without all the usual "cold turkey" symptoms, which are part and parcel of a traditional opiate detox program. During the rapid opiate detox program, a patient's safety as well as their comfort is always our first priority and as such, the treatment will take place in a well equipped Las Vegas hospital, and the treatment will be given under the guidance of Dr. Yee, a board certified MD and an expert anesthesiologist

The cost of the rapid opiate detox treatment is $12,000 and this fee will cover a hotel stay, and the rapid opiate detox program along with the costs of the anesthesiologist. Do not allow an addiction to control you, opt for a safe and pain free detox program that will set you on the road to recovery. Feel free to view the Rapid Detox Las Vegas website, http://www.rapiddetoxlasvegas.com, for further information.